CRYSTAL14 (v1.0.4) - Platforms


CRYSTAL14 for Unix/Linux/MacOSX is supplied as binary executables or object files for a number of supported architectures.
Precompiled executables include sequential (crystal, properties) and replicated data parallel version (Pcrystal).
The massive parallel version (distributed memory, MPPcrystal) is only supplied as object files

Not all documentation and binary files are downloadable yet. Please check "News"  for updated information.

CRYSTAL14 executables and object files (v1.0.4)


CRYSTAL14 for Windows (64bit) is supplied as self extracting file, including the graphical package Crgra,
and a windows interface written by P. Ugliengo to prepare the input and submitexecutions.
See also Installation instructions

Unix/Linux/MacOSX platforms

Parallel executable: Pcrystal - Installation instructions

Parallel executables (Pcrystal and MPPcrystal) from object files - Installation instructions
We kindly acknowledge Jorge Garza-Olguin for his invaluable help in testing and documenting the compilation of parallel executables from object files.


Intel EMT64 (Intel64) & AMD (64bit)

Binary download filename crystal14_v1_0_4_Linux-ifort_openmpi-1.6_emt64_exe.tar.gz
Operating system Debian 6.0.4 - Kernel 2.6.32-5
Compilers Intel Fortran Compiler XE / Intel C/C++ Compiler XE
MPI libraries Openmpi-1.6.3
Processor comunication TCP/IP (ch_p4)
Processor connection ssh
Notes Sequential: crystal, properties
Parallel: Pcrystal, Pproperties
Generation date 23 February 2016

Objects download filename crystal14_v1_0_4_Linux-ifort_emt64_Pdistrib.tar.gz

Compilers Intel Fortran Compiler XE / Intel C/C++ Compiler XE
Intel Fortran Compiler XE
Generation date 23 February 2016



Binary download filename crystal14_v1_0_4_MacOsX-10.6.8-ifort-12.1-i64_exe.tar.gz
Operating system MacOsX 10.6.8 Darwin kernel 10.8.0
MacOsX 10.9.0 Darwin kernel 13.0.0
Compilers Intel Fortran Compiler XE
Intel Fortran Compiler XE
Notes Sequential: crystal, properties
Generation date 1 September 2014